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1   Link   Local 1 (Chicago, Illinois)
It is in recognition of the twentieth anniversary of the Retiree Club that we present to the viewer the history of Ironworker’s Local One, Chicago Illinois.
2   Link   Local 3 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
As you plan and prepare for your next construction project, recruit the highly skilled, best-trained, and safety-conscious team of craftsmen in the industry - Iron Workers Local Union No. 3.
3   Link   Local 5 (Washington, DC)
We are very proud of our local, heritage and trade. Just look at this magnificent city and you'll see why. Ironworkers Local #5 has been involved in building the District of Columbia cityscape for over 100 years.
4   Link   Local 6 (Buffalo, New York)
This organization is known as Local Union No. 6 of the International Association of Bridge, Structural and Ornamental Iron Workers. This Local Union is chartered by the International Association of Bridge, Structural and Ornamental Iron Workers and operates under the Constitution adopted by the International Association in Convention assembled.
5   Link   Local 8 (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
In 2001, We celebrated the centennial year of Ironworkers Local 8. However, while researching Local 8's history, we discovered that Milwaukee ironworkers were actually organized by 1896, making us 5 years older than we thought!
6   Link   Local 14 (Spokane, Washington)
Local Number 14 was originally assigned to a "housesmith" or what is known as an "Ornamental Local" located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They were chartered in August of 1900 and had been a Federal Union with the American Federation of Labor.
7   Link   Local 16 (Baltimore, Maryland)
Ironworkers Local Union 16 is a chapter of the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental, and Reinforcing Ironworkers. Ironworkers Local 16 is affiliated with the AFL-CIO and the Baltimore Building and Construction Trades Council.
8   Link   Local 17 (Cleveland, Ohio)
Serving as a major manufacturing and transportation hub – most notably steel available for distribution among the Great Lakes – Cleveland remains one of the most livable cities in America.
9   Link   Local 21 (Omaha, Nebraska)
Currently Local 21 is more than 600 members strong with jurisdiction in Nebraska, Iowa and South Dakota. Members Local 21 take great pride in their work and strive to be the best.
10   Link   Local 22 (Indianapolis, Indiana)
This territory contains the total area that was once made up the of the combined territories that made up Local 22 (Indianapolis Area), Local 439 (Terre Haute Area) and Local 379 (Lafayette Area), which have now merged into one Local with the surviving Local being Local 22.
11   Link   Local 25 (Detroit, Michigan)
Iron Workers Local 25 covers 34 counties in the State of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, mostly within the Eastern half of the State.
12   Link   Local 29 (Portland, Oregon)
Local 29 was chartered in 1901. We currently represent 1,000 journeypersons and 265 apprentices in the state of Oregon and 6 counties of southwest Washington. Our organization is dedicated to the improvement of wages and working conditions for all people performing ironwork within our jurisdiction.
13   Link   Local 33 (Rochester, New York)
Our Union is committed to supplying well trained, drug free, men and women that work safely and efficiently to signatory contractors in our area, and secure by legal and proper means adequate wages, benefits, and working conditions for their labor.
14   Link   Local 36 (Easton, Pennsylvania)
Ironworkers Local Union No. 36 is part of the District Council of Philadelphia and Vicinity Benefit and Pension Plan.
15   Link   Local 37 (Providence, Rhode Island)
Our territory covers all of Rhode Island. We also cover Block Island, the Cape and Islands and a corridor from Cape Cod to Franklin Massachusetts gernerally towns bounding Route 495 and East to the Rhode Island border. In addition, we have an interunion agreement between Local 37 and Local 15 of Hartford, Connecticut covering areas in Eastern Connecticut.

16   Link   Local 40 (New York, New York)
We are here to acknowledge over 100 years of progress for working men and women in the construction industry.

For over the past century, we have donated our lives, through our union, to improving the everyday lives of the people who built the great city of New York.
17   Link   Local 44 (Cincinnati, Ohio)
With the help of the District Council Organizers we continue to go after the many non union companies coming into our area. They are not going to quit coming after our jobs and we have to be willing to get after them!
18   Link   Local 45 (Jersey City, New Jersey)
Who are the Iron Workers of Local 45?
Ironworkers Local 45 builds all of Hudson County, New Jersey. If you're looking up at a building, a member of Local 45 probably worked there.
19   Link   Local 46 (New York, New York)
20   Link   Local 48 (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
Iron workers local 48 is located in Oklahoma City, we are a Mixed local consisting of structural, rebar and ornamental iron workers.
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